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China BOCOM Insurance Co., Ltd., with approval from the People's Bank of China, China Insurance Regulatory Commission and the Insurance Authority, was established in Hong Kong in November 2000 and was authorized to provide various kinds of general insurance products and services to the customers.

China BOCOM Insurance Co., Ltd. is wholly owned by Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. With authorized and paid-up capital of HK$400,000,000. China BOCOM Insurance has obtained credit rating from A.M. Best from August 16, 2018. The current rating on financial strength rating (FSR) is A- (Excellent) and the issuer credit rating (ICR) is “a-“with stable outlook.

Founded in 1908, Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. (Stock codes: A shares 601328, H shares 03328) is one of the banks with the longest history and was one of the note-issuing banks in China in the past. Bank of Communications started its business operation after its re-establishment in 1987. It is the first nationwide state-owned joint-stock commercial bank in China, with its head office located in Shanghai. The Bank was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in June 2005 and on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in May 2007.

The Bank ranked No. 13 among the global top 1,000 banks in terms of Tier 1 Capital rated by the London-based magazine, The Banker in 2016, up 4 places as compared with 2015 and ranked No. 153 among the “Fortune 500 Companies” in terms of operating income by the Fortune in 2016, up 37 places as compared with 2015.

The Bank currently has 230 domestic branches, comprising 30 tier-1 branches, 7 branches directly managed by the Head Office and 193 tier-2 branches. The Bank has also established 3,141 banking outlets in 235 prefecture-level cities or above and 171 county-level cities nationwide. Up to now, the Bank has set up 20 overseas institutions in 16 countries and regions, which comprise Hong Kong, the US, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Germany, Macau, Vietnam, Australia, Taiwan, the UK, Luxemburg, Canada, France, Italy, Brazil, etc.

The Bank is one of the major financial services providers in China. The Bank’s business scope comprises commercial banking, securities services, trust services, financial leasing, fund management, insurance, offshore financial services and so on. Its wholly-owned subsidiaries include BOCOM International Holdings Company Limited, China BOCOM Insurance Co., Ltd. and Bank of Communications Finance Leasing Co., Ltd. Subsidiaries controlled by the Bank include Bank of Communications Schroder Fund Management Co., Ltd., Bank of Communications International Trust Co., Ltd., BoCommlife Insurance Company Limited, Dayi Bocomm Xingmin Rural Bank Ltd., Zhejiang Anji BOCOM Rural Bank Ltd., Xinjiang Shihezi BOCOM Rural Bank Ltd. and Qingdao Laoshan BOCOM Rural Bank Ltd. The Bank is also the largest shareholder of Jiangsu Changshu Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. and the paratactic largest shareholder of Bank of Tibet Co., Ltd.

With the strong client network and excellent financial strength of the Bank of Communications Co., Ltd., we are confident that China BOCOM Insurance Co., Ltd. will have a promising future. China BOCOM Insurance Co., Ltd. will base in Hong Kong and treat all customers as its valuable clients. With prudent management philosophy, we strive to provide prompt and best quality of insurance services to our customers and, continuously design and offer innovative insurance products to satisfy the different needs of our customers. Since October 2006, we have successfully obtained ISO 9001 certification to help us in implementation of our continuous improvement of the quality of our services.

China BOCOM Insurance Co., Ltd. is aimed to be an enduring and successful company serving all its customers.